How-To: Creating Advanced AWS Credentials with IAM

In a previous post I explained how to create basic AWS Credentials with IAM.

In this post, I explain how to create Advanced AWS Credentials with IAM. As sample, I choose to use our solution Elastic Detector for Continuous Monitoring that required an advanced IAM user for enabling AWS connector.

SecludIT at #FIC2014

SecludIT has been selected for being one of the Innovating SMB Company during the “Forum International de la Cybercriminalité” in Lille. I personally had the chance to meet Jean-François Audenard which is Cyber Security Advisor at Orange. I really appreciated and had a lot of fun making a short video with him. Please take a…

How-To: Creating AWS EC2 ReadOnly Credentials with IAM

In order to retrieve and list your assets (Instances, Security Groups) from your Amazon Web Services EC2 account through API, Elastic Detector need ReadOnly credentials. Here is how to create such credentials using Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (IAM). Step 0: Login to your Amazon Web Services account through AWS Console, and open…

AWS South America support in CloudyScripts

Yesterday, Amazon announced that they have deployed a new region in South America (to Sao Paulo, Brazil) on its blog (the full article could be found here) Even if Amazon documentation did not contain all the required information (such as the Amazon Kernel Image IDs), we were able to retrieve them, thus allowing to fully…