Interesting stuff from CyberTech 2014

cybertech-israel-2014Hi there,

a couple of weeks ago I’ve attended CyberTech 2014, one of the most exciting industrial conferences for security experts.

If you have read this blog before, you probably know that I’m pretty interested in encryption (see ClouDedup). That’s why my attention was first caught by the solutions proposed by Secure Islands and Vaultive. Secure Islands seems to offer a 360° cloud data protection solution with many interesting features such as classification driven encryption, data loss prevention and sensitive data identification and protection. On the other hand, Vaultive operates in the same market of CipherCloud, that is application-aware cloud encryption, which seems to be a very interesting and promising trend in data encryption. Basically, the main advantage of these solutions is the complete transparency to the user and the application. Data goes through a “proxy” which encrypts and decrypts data in a special way such that application-specific operations can be performed on encrypted data. That might sound like homomorphic encryption but actually it’s completely different!

After encryption, my second passion is IaaS security. During the conference, I had the chance to chat with the guys of Dome9 and FortyCloud. The former is a startup focused on cross-platform management of security policies and firewalls, among many other features. The latter is a startup focused on IaaS security. In particular, they developed a tool which allows to manage several cloud infrastructures hosted on public cloud platforms as one big private cloud infrastructure. This is possible thanks to the creation of a VPN which filters all the ingoing/outgoing communication and provides the only entry point to your cloud infrastructure. By doing that, we actually achieve a VPC, which is an isolated (private) cloud infrastructure hosted in a public cloud environment such as Amazon EC2. This way it’s possible to get the best of both worlds.

It’s great to see that we at SecludIT, with our product Elastic Detector, are working in a very innovative market which is growing exponentially day by day! For the record, Elastic Detector is our innovative tool which leverages the (good) features of the cloud in order to enhance vulnerability assessment. Thanks to our unique technology, that is the cloning mechanism together with a pure API-based approach, we provide the ultimate solution to monitor the security of your cloud infrastructure. Give it a try! We can discover the potential vulnerabilities of your cloud infrastructure in minutes!

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