Great Trailblazer Competition to start the year!

As 2014 kicks off, we at SecludIT would like to wish you a fantastic start to 2014!

Starting the year, we would like to share some great news on SecludIT being a Security Trailblazer Finalist.

This is a new concept in awards, designed explicitly for startups exploring uncharted territories in various fields, including cloud security. The Tech Trailblazer, a key competition between the most innovative start-ups around the globe, was an ideal opportunity for us to showcase on the international stage the new version of our flagship product, the Elastic Detector.

Currently, as finalists of this competition, we are at the last step where we need now to raise the most votes to become 2014’s Security Trailblazer.

This is where you come in, we ask for your vote, your support is truly appreciated. In just 3 clicks:

A big thank you from the whole team here at SecludIT!


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