AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) support in CloudyScripts

A few days ago, Amazon announced that they have deployed a new region in Asia Pacific (to Sydney, Australia) on its blog (the full article could be found here)

Even if Amazon documentation did not contain all the required information (such as the Amazon Kernel Image IDs), we were able to retrieve them, thus allowing to fully support this New Region in CloudyScripts.

CloudyScripts gem

A new version has been released with all the AKIs mapping table up to date for this new region.
We managed to retrieve the AKIs list using AWS EC2 API Tools as follow:

[fred@secludit-debian]# /bin/ec2-describe-images -K pkey-XXX.pem -C cert-XXX.pem --region ap-southeast-2 -a | grep pv-grub | awk '{print $2" "$3" "$7}'
aki-3f990e05 amazon/pv-grub-hd00_1.03-i386.gz i386
aki-3d990e07 amazon/pv-grub-hd00_1.03-x86_64.gz x86_64
aki-33990e09 amazon/pv-grub-hd0_1.03-i386.gz i386
aki-31990e0b amazon/pv-grub-hd0_1.03-x86_64.gz x86_64
aki-9b8413a1 309956199498/pv-grub-hd0_1.03-i386-pub i386
aki-998413a3 309956199498/pv-grub-hd0_1.03-x86_64-pub x86_64

NB: Amazon has not yet deployed all its AKIs in this new region. All instance launched on an AMI (copied from another AWS Region) using the following PV-GRUB may not properly boot.


CloudyScripts WebSite

Our free of use online service has been updated as well to support this new region in each of its scripts.


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