AWS South America support in CloudyScripts

Yesterday, Amazon announced that they have deployed a new region in South America (to Sao Paulo, Brazil) on its blog (the full article could be found here)

Even if Amazon documentation did not contain all the required information (such as the Amazon Kernel Image IDs), we were able to retrieve them, thus allowing to fully support this New Region in CloudyScripts.

CloudyScripts gem

A new version has been released with all the AKIs mapping table up to date for this new region.
We managed to retrieve the AKIs list using AWS EC2 API Tools as follow:

[fred@secludit-debian]# /bin/ec2-describe-images -K pkey-XXX.pem -C cert-XXX.pem --region sa-east-1 -a | grep pv-grub | awk '{print $2" "$3" "$7}'
aki-863ce39b ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd0-V1.01-i386.gz.manifest.xml i386
aki-d63ce3cb ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd0-V1.01-x86_64.gz.manifest.xml x86_64
aki-803ce39d ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd00-V1.01-i386.gz.manifest.xml i386
aki-d03ce3cd ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd00-V1.01-x86_64.gz.manifest.xml x86_64
aki-823ce39f ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd00_1.02-i386.gz.manifest.xml i386
aki-d23ce3cf ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd00_1.02-x86_64.gz.manifest.xml x86_64
aki-bc3ce3a1 ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd0_1.02-i386.gz.manifest.xml i386
aki-cc3ce3d1 ec2-public-images-sa-east-1/pv-grub-hd0_1.02-x86_64.gz.manifest.xml x86_64

CloudyScripts WebSite

Our free of use online service has been updated as well to support this new region in each of its scripts.

As requested by users of CloudyScripts, we also have added support for auditing VPC SecurityGroups.

  • VPC Critical Ports Audit: This script scrutinizes for VPC SecurityGroups of your infrastructure if the SecurityGroups configuration allows public access to ports that are considered such sensitive that accessibility may cause critical damage to your machines – such as ports for administrating machines


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