Amazon US West Oregon Region Support in CloudyScripts

A few days ago Amazon announced that a new AWS Region in Oregon is supported (see AWS blogpost for more information).

Amazon’s documentation for PVGRUB AKI IDs (which can be found here) was not updated at the same time, that’s why fully supporting the NEW US-West Oregon region in CloudyScripts took some additional days (especially for Copy AMI To Different Region scripts).

NB: The importance of being able to map PVGRUB AKIs between different Amazon Regions has been explained in a previous post How-To: Copy an EBS-Backed AMI from one region to another one

CloudyScripts Ruby gem

SecludIT has released a new version of the Ruby library containing the last update on RUBYForge. The gem is also available on

CloudyScripts WebSite

SecludIT has now added support for NEW US West Region in CloudyScripts.

As a reminder, here is some information on one of our most used scripts (more than 5 thousands executions until now):

  • Copy Ami to Different Region: Creates a copy of a given AMI and make it available in another region. Therefore, instances are created in both regions that perform copying (via rsync) of all files from a volume in the original region based on a snapshot created for the original AMI to a clean volume in the target region. After successful copying, a snapshot is performed in the target region and registered as AMI.

CloudyScripts DevPay AMI

SecludIT DevPay AMI has not been yet updated, but it should be available soon. This AMI runs in your own Amazon EC2 infrastructure and is available from our CloudyScripts WebSite.

As usual, any feedback is greatly appreciated, so do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.


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