CloudyScripts for vCloud

Starting from now, CloudyScripts – our popular open-source library (more than 10000 downloads up to now) that aims at relieving administrators from finicky scripting details to secure and manage cloud infrastructures – now supports the vCloud API in addition to Amazon EC2. vCloud is the cloud stack provided by VMWare and already adopted by around 30 hosting providers worldwide.

The first script we provide retrieves all open internet services for a given vCloud organization/account and checks if a service is actually running on that port. Unused open ports represent a means for attackers to deploy rogue publicly available services and may – in the case of providers like Terremark, who charges explicitly for every publicly available internet service – even be linked to additional costs.

As usual, the script can be executed locally by installing a gem from the open-source library, by using the CloudyScripts web-service, or by starting a DevPay AMI within Amazon EC2. We will be happy for any feedback and open to implement or customize scripts on demand!

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