EC2 Usage among Tech-Companies

Until recently, Guy Rosen on Jack of all Clouds published every month his “State of the Cloud” that tracked the adoption of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) over time. For that purpose, he checked for the 500.000 top ranked web-sites if they were actually run by one of the big cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid, etc. He got the web-sites from Quantcast and matched their IP address with the IP address ranges of the providers, which are publicly available. While the State of the Cloud gives very interesting quantitative information about the adoption, it doesn’t say anything about how cloud infrastructures are used and by whom. It lacks any form of qualitative information.

However, help is there: Techcrunch provides a database (the “Crunchbase“) containing almost 50.000 tech-companies with detailed information about the date of company creation, amount of funding, number of employees, and even a classification by a product domain tag – and their web-site URL, of course. What about combining this data with the adoption of cloud infrastructure (IaaS) usage? In this post, we concentrate only on Amazon EC2 companies.

How many use the cloud?

Here some general numbers:

  • Via the Crunchbase API, we retrieved 49398 companies
  • 3268 companies are using Amazon EC2 for their web-page, which represents around 6.62%.
  • The large majority (83.26%) of EC2 users are in the US East data-center (see also the chart below)

How is the cloud used?

In the crunchbase, companies are associated with tags. In total 6369 different tags are used. Below in the table, you see the most popular ones for EC2 users and for non-EC2 users.

The differences are not very big. Though, it seems that EC2 users have more affinity to consumer related stuff like social network apps, music, and video.

Who uses the cloud?

How many employees have EC2 users compared to other companies?

  • Average employees of EC2 users: 21
  • Average employees of other companies: 765

Are newer companies more open to cloud usage?

The chart below displays the number of companies created in a respective year, both for EC2 users and other companies.

Newer companies seem to be more open to adoption than established companies. The following chart clearly shows that the percentage of EC2 users is strongly growing with the year of creation.


From the charts above, it seem obvious that the adoption of Amazon EC2 is much stronger among smaller companies created in the last few years. This is not surprising given the fact that those companies have no legacy applications and data and can immediately benefit from cloud advantages like scaling and elimination of capital expenses.

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