New CloudyScript: Security Audit via SSH

We are glad to announce a new CloudyScript Security Audit via SSH which makes a Security Audit of an Amazon EC2 AMI. It requires a privileged user that can perform sudo.

Security Auditing is very important in cloud computing infrastructures where virtual machine images (AMI in the case of Amazon) could be shared among users. In order to avoid backdoors or vulnerable machines in your own Amazon EC2 infrastructure, you MUST evaluate the public AMI you are using. Security Audit via SSH CloudyScripts automates that task.

Here is a sample output of an SSH Audit:

Moreover, we designed it as a library of security audits, that for now contains audits for SSH and Apache2 servers, but we will continue to extend it with other security audits


NB: This Security Audit does not check your IP restrictions for accessing the SSH server. In order to check that your SSH server is not publicly exposed you could use Public Port Checker CloudyScript.

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