CloudyScripts: Ruby code for command line Security Audit via SSH

As requested by our users, we have just added a sample code for creating ruby script on top of cloudyscripts gems that can be found on RubyGems or on RubyForge.

The first script allows to run a Security Audit via SSH using a command line. In addition, we extended the scope of usage: the Security Audit can be run against a running instance (in addition to AMIs), thus allowing:

  • to test running instances, therefore no need to wait for a new instance to start
  • to make a Security Audit of a production server with full control of the Security Audit process

For any information on how to retrieve the source code of this openSource project that is published under Apache v2.0 Licence, please go to cloudyscripts SCM on RubyForge

We would like to thank Jonas Zaddach (Master Computer Science Student at Eurecom) who wrote the “Security Audit via SSH” part of the cloudyscripts library during his internship at SecludIT.


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