CloudCamp in the Cloud

Last week I attended the CloudCamp in the Cloud. Apart from the fact that the around 70 attendees were connected via a public webinar, the program was similar to a normal CloudCamp: 5-Minutes-Lightning-Talks, an Unpanel (questions to a dynamically formed group of Panelists), and Break-Out-Sessions for deeper discussions on certain topics. In fact, the difference between the Unpanel and the Break-Out-Session was not noticeable since most people (including me) remained on the main channel of the web-conference and the sessions were as unstructured as the Unpanel-session itself. Maybe next time we could simply remain on the same channel and fix time-slots of let’s say 30 minutes to concentrate on pre-defined topics (topic propositions could be sent in by mail the days before the conference). Everybody interested in a specific topic could join at the right time. Those sessions could even be linked to the Lightening-Talks (when we can avoid having masqueraded sales pitches), which would allow some discussions around the talks and direct feedback for the speaker.

Here are my notes during the conference. They reflect some of the most important questions and concerns around Cloud Computing. I will classify them by topic proposed for the break-out sessions during the conference.

  • Cloud Computing Definition, Introduction
    • How can we better educate adopters of cloud computing to know what they’re getting into?
  • Cloud Computing Providers and Market
    • How does Amazon compare to its competitors (like SliceHost, GoGrid, Rackspace) with regard to features and cost?
    • When economies of scale are necessary to reduce the computing costs, aren’t we heading to a market with very few players, which are then able to keep costs high?
    • What are the growth numbers of providers?
    • How do I get more “nines” from my application in the cloud?
    • Interoperability between cloud vendors – what is the state of the art?
    • What will be the role of channels/VARs in the cloud eco system?
    • Will there be a market for AMIs? Are AMIs the right abstraction to sell?
  • Security and Legal
    • Does the patriot act put constraints on the usage of cloud computing?
    • Multi-tenancy is the principal for a good ROI on cloud services, but isn’t that a bad maneuver for security and client (secure) isolation
    • What additional security issues do I need to consider when moving to the cloud?
    • Questions about cloud provider security and trust are legitimate. But how do these question apply to internal systems? Are people putting more security requirements on the provider than on themselves?
    • If trust into your provider is indispensable, how can trust be created?
  • Hands-On Experience and Technical
    • Do I need to make changes to my application to have it scale-out in the cloud?
    • How do KVM vs Xen compare to each other?
    • Is Hadoop highly suitable for cloud deployments?

Reuven Cohen recently posted Recap and Video of the conference here. Slides of the lightning talks can be found here.

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