Amazon EC2 Roadmap: A Guesswork

Foto: estherase

Foto: estherase

Amazon play their cards close to the vest. They don’t have a public roadmap for their web-services including EC2 and feature announcements fall together with their immediate availability in beta-status. But probably they have at least an internal, well protected, and secret roadmap. Here’s some guesswork about the features that might be listed on that secret roadmap. You might also consider this a wishlist. What might be the next features that should be released?


  • Group virtual instances by their functional roles (notion of deployment)
  • Meta-Information and names to better identify virtual instances
  • Generate image snapshots via a mouse-click
  • Support of different image formats (e.g. VMWare)


  • User and Roles Management (Multiple API Credentials)
  • Encrypted Communication (VPNs between nodes)
  • Restrict API Firewall to specific IP Addresses
  • Access to API call audit logs to know who accessed your system via the API
  • File System Encryption


  • VLAN Support
  • Network management (monitor delay, bandwidth utilization, packet loss, …)
  • Bandwidth control and QoS
  • IP Multicast
  • Multiple IP addresses per Instance (e.g. to support multiple SSL endpoints per machine)


  • Multiple Instances accessing the same EBS
  • Clustering and Failover
  • Automatic Backup of EBS/S3 storages

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