Welcome to the Elastic Security Blog

Welcome to everybody interested in the security challenges of cloud computing!

In this blog, we want to bring in depth discussions about cloud security and in this way contribute to the work being done by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). We believe that today everybody is aware of the security challenges being brought by cloud computing. A good starting point for anyone interested in security in the cloud is the CSA guide, a comprehensive effort to list the security risks related to cloud computing and to present first approaches to address those risks. In this context, we also recommend the Blog cloudsecurity.org, which illuminates terminology, economics and various aspects of cloud security.

The time is ripe for solutions! We want to find answers to the question “How to secure applications in the cloud?” and therefore make propositions, discuss best practices, and work towards innovative solutions to address cloud security issues. We will start by focusing on Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and specifically on one of the pioneers and most popular provider of infrastructure services: Amazon Web Services. Our intention is to come up with solutions that achieve the same security/risk level as legacy applications when these applications are deployed in a virtual environment. We strongly believe that this is possible with a lower security budget and with a better security/risk level compared to today’s applications.

Our ultimate goal is written in the tag-line of this blog: we want to contribute in making your cloud a safe heaven.

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